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An archive of resistance

On Tuesday, February 26, the ILA hosted a colloquium titled “Re-Visioning What is and What Can Be: Activism, Art, and the Creative Edge of Change.” The speakers talked about recent student-led activism at Emory–the SRC’s work, Students and Workers in Solidarity’s fight for subcontracted workers’ rights, the fight to get Chick Fil-A off campus, and more.

Many participants commented on the role of images and humor in creating a grassroots movement. You can download the PowerPoint presentation featuring some of our “greatest hits” here, but note that it’s quite a large file at 30 MB.

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Vital upcoming events

Emory students are setting the agenda once more, with characteristic passion and creativity. These two events next week promise to be far more inspiring than anything that comes out of the PR machine.

1. ILA colloquium: “Re-Visioning What is and What Can Be: Activism, Art, and the Creative Edge of Change”: Tuesday, Feb. 26th from 11:45-1:00 pm in Callaway S423, the ILA conference room.


2. Rally Against Racism, organized by members of the Black Students Alliance, Black Star magazine, and Change@Emory and the NAACP, next Wednesday (the 27th) at 6 on Asbury Circle.

The organizers write: “This is NOT a FORUM, but a CALL TO ACTION.This will be an opportunity for students to come together to unite against the systemic racism on Emory’s campus. Issues covered at the event include (but are not limited to): President Wagner’s “Compromise” Article and Failure to Understand Wrongs Even in Apology; The Dooley Show; The Racialization of Labor Issues and The Labor Movement; Lack of campus spaces for Black students and race issues; Disparities in Student Conduct Outcomes; Treatment of Minority Students on Frat Row; Administrative Processes; Removal of the BSA house; The suspension of Alpha Phi Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta. Explorations of solutions include: Auditing/Reforming Student Conduct Process; Emory University taking a clear and committed stance on racism (using the work on Sexual Assault and Sustainability as a model); the creation of a Black Student Union for formal space as well as resources on campus for black students; Campus Life hiring a team of experts to be proactive in working with racial issues as well as responding to racial problems; the development of a Bias Reporting System; instituting new GERs; transparency.”

Edited 2/21 to correct the organizers of the Rally Against Racism.

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Local artists and activists, I

Meredith Kooi is an artist and PhD student whose specialties (visual culture, biopolitics and disability, deconstruction) overlap beautifully with the ILA, where she enrolled before the cuts were announced. She shares her thoughts on Emory’s loss at Burnaway, a newish blog covering the Atlanta art scene:

“Many students in the ILA…feel that this move has been an attack on our work and who we are…. Since the graduate students in the ILA work with ‘unconventional’ methodologies and produce ‘unconventional’ dissertations—the first dissertations with visual chapters were just accepted by the graduate school—it is hard for traditional disciplines to recognize the work we do.”

Meanwhile, the Crunk Feminist Collective blog has been garnering attention and passion on a national scale since it was established by a group of African American women grad students at Emory. At a recent Collective soiree, the topic of the cuts was an emotional one for presenters and audience members alike. The department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, which sponsored the event, continues to be a beacon for that courageous inquiry thing, and its high rankings ensure the administration will not be trampling on it anytime soon.

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Not surprisingly, since they gave us that wonderful FIST poster a while back, the good people at the Visual Scholarship Initiative have designed a fabulous poster for next Wednesday’s Halloween-themed protest.

It’s taking place at 1:45 p.m. They have the gory makeup; you just need to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Here’s the Facebook event. Oh, and this zombie walk is separate from another zombie walk earlier the same day, which is part of the zombie ethics conference.

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Emory’s new “ethical principles”

A flyer by Andy Ditzler from the Visual Scholarship Initiative (VSI):


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Funeral procession

The Visual Studies Initiative marched around the quad, mourning the death of our disciplines and hopefully piquing the curiosity of families and alumni visiting for Homecoming Week.