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Encouraging news from CUNY-Queensborough

Around the time Emory learned about its you-know-what, the web was beginning to boil with outrage over new regulations at Queensborough Community College. Basically, when the English department resisted the CUNY system’s plan of cutting the number of composition courses required, the administration responded by suspending job searches, terminating adjunct faculty contracts, and taking the English program entirely out of the college’s hands. Here’s the NYT story.

As a two-year college in a public system, QCC is unlike Emory by every index. (Angus Johnson describes QCC’s demographics and the structure of its English program here.) What drew our stories together was the apparent disconnect between student/faculty interests and the interests of the administration. In that spirit, we’re glad to hear that the vice-president of QCC retracted her threats this Monday. We hope that institutions of all sorts will work toward open communication–in other words, that our departments and divisions can stop regarding one another with a mixture of perplexity and fear.

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