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Faculty grievance stands

What’s harder than gathering a critical mass of professors on a Friday afternoon, the last day of the semester? Evidently, shutting down a well substantiated grievance on behalf of numerous cut departments.

As we reported a few weeks ago, a group of faculty members filed a grievance regarding the cuts to the College Grievance Committee, who shot the issue down. The professors appealed the Grievance Committee’s decision. According to university bylaws, grievances and appeals have to be dealt with within one semester. So Stefan Lutz, noted chemist, Governance Committee chair and former CFAC member, called the meeting for the latest possible date (i.e., today). Clearly, enough faculty cared enough about the issue that a quorum was reached. And we hear that they successfully made a motion to have the grievance committee’s decision reversed, then tabled the motion so as to consider it more fully in the fall.

In short: this is not over. The Governance Committee will have to reckon with the (il)legitimacy of the cuts come September.

Edited 5/10 for accuracy.

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Profs in cut departments file formal grievance

18 faculty members, all from departments that are being eliminated or downsized as a result of Dean Forman’s cuts last fall, have filed a formal grievance with Emory College. The complaint, which alleges numerous violations in CFAC’s handling of the cuts, was written in consultation with a prominent Atlanta lawyer. (One professor who signed the document told us that any administrator who glances at it will know that the signatories mean business.) It demands that Emory annul the cuts and “affirm the primacy of the [Emory] Bylaws” and the official principles governing faculty regulations.

You can view the original document here [PDF], courtesy of the Wheel.

The 18 signatories are David Armstrong and Sheila Tefft (journalism); Walter Reed, Angelika Bammer, Kevin Corrigan, Sander Gilman, Anna Grimshaw, Sean Meighoo, Catherine Nickerson and Kimberly Wallace-Sanders (ILA); Juliette Apkarian, Vera Proskurina and Elena Glazov-Corrigan (Russian/REALC); Samiran (Shomu) Banerjee (economics); Jason Francisco and Julia Kjelgaard (visual arts); and Robert Jensen and Carole Hahn (Division of Educational Studies).

Needless to say, the Grievance Committee has denied the signatories’ requests to repeal the cuts and affirm the university’s commitment to uphold its own bylaws. (The only request it did grant was to respond to the grievance during this semester.) English professor Sheila Cavanagh, writing on behalf of the ten-person committee, reportedly “finds no cause to pursue this matter further.”

Faculty members, including AAUP representatives, insist that the battle isn’t over.

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