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Camp Compromise, Day 1

Welcome Prospective Students

About ten minutes after we set up camp, Dean of Campus Life Ajay Nair e-mailed the entire Emory community to inform us of a new, not yet finalized edition of the university’s Freedom of Expression Policy, a project of the “Stage 2” Task Force on Dissent, Protest, and Community. The takeaway is: Emory “values, protects, and affirms” students’ right to criticize internal or external policies, but you should probably reserve any space in advance, and Dr. Nair has the right to “observe” any student meeting or to appoint others to do so.

making buttons


But that’s just formality. See, Pat had this hat…

mushroom hat2

And Katherine had this wig…

katherine wig


I kept hearing about certain Emory faculty members who get mad when any funding goes to the humanities. In like these, what could we I except find some shade and review Dialectic of Enlightenment?
reading in tent


Later, another dean asked us if we had a permit. Not being aware that one was required for painting on the quad on a weekday afternoon, we had to say no. No hard feelings.

Painting Student Power

still here


Dusk fell. We heard there was a pink moon.

Four or five activists are spending tonight in the tents. For most of them, it’s a reminder of their own camp-outs and arrests as part of Students and Workers in Solidarity, two years ago tonight. S’mores and ghost stories are in order…

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Setting up camp

painting compromise mural

Two years ago today, Emory ordered the arrest of seven students for peacefully protesting in tents on the quad. The charges have yet to be dropped. In honor of that anniversary, and to remind everyone that student and faculty dissent is not going anywhere (nor does it take itself too seriously), the SRC is staging “Camp Compromise” on the quad this afternoon at 1:00. Join us!

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