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WSB-TV coverage

Walkout (Outside the building):

Occupation (Inside the building):

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Let the negotiations begin

Flashback to yesterday. Once we successfully occupied the building, a song was in order. The first was “Amazing Grace,” which may have been a little off message, but soon we were in tune:

Detailed inside narratives of the protest have emerged, which is great, because I’ve never developed a skill for linear narration (Melville references, on the other hand…). In addition, you can find beautiful photos by visual arts professor Jason Francisco, brand-new ILA PhD graduate and musician Laura Emiko Soltis, co-organizer Pat Blanchfield and more.

We voted to leave the building at around 7:00 p.m., with the promise that a small group of SRC delegates would have a meeting with both Wagner and Dean Forman, during which the SRC would control the agenda. That meeting will take place this Friday, Dec. 7, at 5:00. The delegates are expecting a strong showing of support (and not a little intimidation) outside the Candler Library beginning at 4:45 p.m. Join the Facebook event here. What is crucial is that this not be just another meeting. We are not looking for appeasement, nor even, primarily, “answers.”

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Coverage of walkout and occupation

We’re still compiling all the details of yesterday’s protest, and trying to separate a few rumors from confirmed facts. Of more than 150 protesters who gathered outside the Administration building, about 50 advanced to the fourth floor, where President Wagner and various vice presidents and executive officers work. An inside operative tells us that the administrators were frantically trying to lock the doors, even though the building is open to the public during work hours. Emory tried to keep the press at bay, but several journalists made it inside and stuck it out for 5+ hours, including Joshua Stewart from Georgia Public Broadcasting, Dustin Slade of the Emory Wheel, and a few reporters from WSB-TV. We’re gathering an archive of coverage on our Media page.

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Outrage at Emory (press release)

(Written by members of the Student Re-visioning Committee)

For Immediate Release

On September 14, Atlanta’s Emory University announced devastating cuts
to many of its flagship programs. These cuts, which are occurring
against the backdrop of a budget surplus and a $105-million growth in
the school’s $5.4 billion endowment, include the total elimination of
Emory’s renowned Division of Educational Studies, the Institute for
Liberal Arts, Journalism, and more. Three months of investigative
reporting by media on the Emory campus and beyond have revealed that
these cuts were enacted in secret, without any pretense of systematic
or transparent review, and in direct defiance of Emory’s own
governance protocols. Moreover, the administration’s own data reveals
that these cuts have a grossly disproportionate impact on minorities
and women – an effect which Emory’s Deans and President have either
chosen to ignore entirely or deliberately mischaracterize.

The Emory community has had enough. Over the past three months,
opponents of the cuts and those who simply have questions have
exhausted all available channels of appeal and grievance to no avail.
A cross-section of both student and faculty groups on campus have
raised a chorus of criticism only to have their motivations attacked
and their questions minimized. Time and again, the University has
doubled-down on the cuts without engaging in any candor whatsoever
about its decision-making processes – leaving Emory community members
with no other option than to see their leaders’ actions as the
products of racism, sexism, cronyism, and greed. But while the
administration wants to carry on with business as usual, the community
isn’t going to let them.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 4th, Emory will see its first campus-wide
work stoppage and walkout in forty years. Students, faculty, and staff
from both affected departments and others standing in solidarity with
them will converge on the quad to voice their outrage and demand
answers. A teach-in and protest unlike anything the campus has seen in
decades will bring home a clear message to the administrators who want
to hide from scrutiny: the Emory community rejects their cuts, demands
transparency, and will not move forward until they come clean.
Tuesday’s action represents a pivotal moment in the history of Emory,
and turnout is expected to be massive. Emory’s future, the future of
its engagement with the Atlanta community, and the future of tens of
thousands of Emory faculty, students, and staff hang in the balance.

For more information and background on the cuts at Emory, including an
archive of links to ongoing media coverage, visit the #EmoryCuts
Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/EmoryCuts) and the Stop the
Cuts at Emory Blog (http://www.stopthecutsemory.wordpress.com/).

Press Contacts:

Katherine Bryant, (404) 333-3555
Andrew Zonderman, (919) 559-4455

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Thanks, Claude

An inspiring comment on David Mullins’s exhortation to walk out in the Wheel:

"The last time I demonstrated at Emory it was about the war in Vietnam and the first Earth Day."

Still think Emory’s an apolitical Southern school?

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Colorful Walkout flyers

Thanks to Laura in the ILA.

Not in love with the cuts? Walk out!


Get your bod to the quad

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Re-posted video and rally next week

The YouTube clip of the Channel 2 news segment has been removed, so #EmoryCuts has reposted it on Vimeo. It’s still one of the quickest ways to spark a discussion in a classroom, dorm, or anywhere else.

#EmoryCuts on WSB-TV (aired November 16th, 2012) from #EmoryCuts on Vimeo.

Looking ahead, students and instructors are planning a rally/walkout next Tuesday, December 4, at noon. Since it’ll be the last week before exams, we want to draw as large a crowd as possible and make sure the cuts do not disappear from anyone’s mind over the holidays. More information and discussion on the Facebook event page.

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