General coverage
Lecture-track faculty contract dispute
No Confidence votes
Rally Against Racism 2/27
Wagner’s “three-fifths” editorial/SCLC exhibition protest
AAUP investigation
Negotiation session with Forman and Wagner
12/4 walkout coverage
Wagner’s State of the University Address
Department-specific news and opinions: ILA, Journalism, Visual Arts

General coverage
Wheel: “Committee releases results of department changes review” (Jan. 28, 2014)
Jason Francisco, Wheel: “The denial of due process” (faculty op-ed outlining faculty grievances with the College/GovComm)
Wheel editorial staff, “Administration must improve transparency”
David Mullins, Wheel op-ed, Sept. 26, 2013: “No confidence in the administration”
Rose Scott, WABE 90.1: “Emory Group and Administration Differ About Fact Sheet on Race and the Emory Cuts” (interviews with Katherine Bryant and Dean Forman)
Kevin Kiley, Inside Higher Ed, Feb. 28: “Amending the record”
Dustin Slade, Wheel, Jan. 22: “Open letter says not all oppose Forman, CFAC”
Benjamin Leiner, Wheel, Jan. 22: “Rethinking What Emory Stands For” (op-ed)
Gary A. Olson, Chronicle of Higher Education, Jan. 17: “The Distress of Program Cuts”
Jordan Friedman, USA Today, Dec. 19, 2012: “6 campus protests that captured the nation’s attention in 2012”
Emory Wheel, Oct. 26: “Emory’s AAUP chapter criticizes department changes,” an interview with Prof. Barbara Ladd of English
The Southerner (Grady H.S.): “Emory community reacts to downsizing of departments”
Emory Wheel, Sept. 21: Department chairs clarify recent misinformation; National media discuss Forman’s plans; Liberal arts: still valuable (op-ed).
90.1 FM WABE (Atlanta’s NPR): Students voice concerns about Emory cuts (includes some recordings from Monday’s rally)
Inside Higher Education: Emory announces program eliminations.
Creative Loafing: Emory faculty and students respond to proposed program cuts.
Chronicle of Higher Education: Emory Will Close 3 Departments.
Emory Wheel: College Downsizes Departments, Phases Out Programs, Faculty, Staff

Lecture-track faculty contract dispute
Emory Wheel, Sept. 24: “Faculty, university dispute lecture-track position cuts”
Max Blau, Creative Loafing:“Emory lecturers cry foul over process that might have led to job cuts”
Dan Berrett, Chronicle of Higher Education, Sept. 17, 2013: “Emory lecturers protest the process used to end their jobs”

No Confidence votes
"SRC" spelled out in American Sign Language Wheel: Laney [Graduate] Students Vote “No Confidence” in Wagner
Inside Higher Ed, April 18: Emory Faculty Council Issues Statement Backing President
Katherine Bryant (SRC), op-ed in the Wheel, April 15: “Voting for Courageous Inquiry”
Wheel editorial: “Not-‘No Confidence’ Does Not Equal Confidence”
Laura Diamond, AJC, March 27: “Emory faculty to hold confidence vote on President Wagner”
Laura Diamond, AJC, March 20: “Emory faculty table vote of no confidence in Wagner”

Rally Against Racism, Feb. 28
Laura Diamond, AJC: “Emory students protest against president’s essay, campus culture”
Associated Press: “Emory University Students Rally over School President’s Remarks”
Fox 5: “Emory students rally after president’s essay” (article and video)
WSBTV-Channel 2: “Students protest Emory president” (video)
Mael Vizcarra (ILA, SRC), “The Long March Against Racism at Emory” in The Nation’s “Dispatches from the Student Movement”

Wagner’s editorial praising three-fifths compromise and SCLC exhibition protest
Salon: “Emory president holds up ‘three-fifths’ compromise as noble, honorable”
Gawker: “Emory University President Praises Three-Fifths Compromise As Great ‘Pragmatic’ Solution” (tag: “Racism”)
Tressie McMillan Cottom (Sociology, Emory): “Higher education ideological wars: Who is the ‘slave’?”
Janet Shan, Hinterland Gazette and The Moderate Voice: “Emory President James Wagner: Deal That Called Slaves Three-Fifths of a Person, a Classic Compromise”
Aaron Bady, The New Inquiry: “James Wagner’s ‘highest aspiration'”
Chris Taylor (English, U of Chicago): “Antebellism: The Neoliberal Compromise of the Political”
The Raw Story: “University president: ‘Three-Fifths’ slavery agreement example of ‘pragmatic’ compromise”
Kaimipono D. Wegner (Thomas Jefferson School of Law), Concurring Opinions: “One step forward, three-fifths of a step back?”
Roopika Risam (English, Emory): “On the Nature of Gaffes” (also deals with our initial framing of the incident)
Jim Galloway, AJC: “Emory U. president sparks three-fifths of a furor”
Claire Potter, “Tenured Radical” at the Chronicle of Higher Ed: “President-Palooza”
Daily Mail (UK): “Emory University president apologizes for calling Constitutional compromise that enabled slavery ‘noble and honorable'”
Mael: I'm Tired of Apologizing
Visual Scholarship Initiative: At Emory: We Are Sorry (Tumblr)
Noëlle McAfee (Philosophy, Emory): “Emory Compromised” and “An Apt Analogy?”
Natalia Cecire (English, Yale): “Race and the privilege of innocence”
Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed: “Compromised Position” (discusses blog responses)
Thomas Wheatley, Creative Loafing: “Emory president uses ‘three-fifths’ agreement to teach lesson about compromise” (quotes Tyrone Forman of the James Weldon Johnson Institute)
Gary Legum, Wonkette: “It is cute when white people try to have thoughts about slavery”
CNN’s “In America” blog: “Emory president apologizes for citing slavery compromise as an example of pragmatism”
WSBTV-Channel 2: “Emory president apologizes for controversial comments” (video)
WABE 90.1 FM: “Morehouse Director of African American Studies on ‘Three-Fifths Compromise’ Cited by Emory Pres.” (with audio)
Wheel, Feb. 19: Evan Mah et al, “Controversy Arises” (includes further comments from Wagner and Gary Hauk); Faculty Letter to President Wagner (from History and African American Studies); Samantha Allen (WGSS), “Flawed Discourse by Wagner”; Black Student Alliance President, “Wagner, There is Still Work to Be Done”
Inside Higher Ed: “Critics of Emory President Aren’t Satisfied”
New York Magazine: lengthy reference to Wagner in “Bowles and Simpson Chase the Center,” on federal deficit reduction proposals
In These Times: Emory University President Gets Flak for Praising ‘Three-Fifths’ Compromise
Huffington Post Live: “Accidental Racism?” (video)
Esquire’s Politics Blog: “A tough weekend for ‘compromise'”
The Grio: “Emory president fighting for his job after slavery comments”
GOOD: “Slavery-era solutions for modern problems?”
Atlanta Magazine’s “Daily Agenda”: “Any bets on how long before the Emory trustees can James Wagner?”
Washington Post (AP): “Emory president’s essay…draws criticisms” (overview of race-related complaints on campus)
David Daley, Salon: “Heat rising on Emory president”
The New York Times: “Georgia – Emory Head Censured for Slavery Column”
NPR: interview with Prof. Leslie Harris of history (4 mins.) (noted in administration-published Emory Report)
The New York Times: “Emory University’s Leader Reopens Its Racial Wounds”
TIME: “How not to compromise” (or, why Emory is not run like a republic)
DiversityInc. (business consultancy): “Emory president ‘apologizes’…”
Leslie Harris (History, Emory): “A moral stand was not out of the question” (in which the NYT uses the scandal at Emory as a springboard to evaluate “the Constitution’s immoral compromise”)
8 faculty members, Philosophy: “Open Letter to President Wagner” (Wheel, Feb. 28)
Paul Rosenberg, Al Jazeera (Mar. 1): “Three-fifths of the American Dream”
Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker News Desk (Mar. 7): “Bloody Sunday, the Voting Rights Act, and the Movement of History”

AAUP investigation
Martha Dalton, WABE 90.1 FM: “National group raises questions about Emory program cuts”

Negotiation session with Forman and Wagner, Dec. 7, 2012
Laura Diamond, AJC: Emory president, students discuss program cuts
WSB TV/Radio: Students meet with Emory leaders over cuts (during discussions; video with no transcript); Talks over cuts break down between Emory president, students (video, transcript)
Dustin Slade, Emory Wheel: “Admins Deny Request to Reverse Cuts”
Official press release from VP Nancy Seideman: “Emory leaders hold follow-up meeting”

Laura Emiko Soltis, “Reflecting on Emory’s Behavior: More than Department Cuts”

12/4 Walkout coverage:

Martha Dalton, WABE 90.1 (NPR): “Emory student protest sparks possible negotiation process,” interview with Andrew Zonderman

Kate Brumback, Associated Press Wire: “Proposed Emory cuts anger some students, faculty” at Online Athens; shorter version on Fox 5 Atlanta.

Photos by David Goldman (AP)

WSB-TV “Emory students rally against department cuts”; videos also on YouTube
CBS Atlanta: “Emory students upset about possible cuts”

AJC: Emory students vote to end occupation
Maureen Downey, AJC’s “Get Schooled” blog: “Emory walkout tomorrow: Taking a stand for lost programs”

Joshua Stewart, GPB/American Public Media’s “Marketplace”: “Emory students protest planned cuts” (features student Elizabeth Hennig)

Daniel Luzer, Washington Monthly: “Emory Students End Campus Protest” (skeptical)

In the Emory Wheel: Dustin Slade, “Protesters stage walkout, sit-in over department changes”; A.J. Artis, “AJ Doesn’t Walk Out” (humorous, on live-tweeting the protest); Editorial Board, “Our Opinion: Walk-Out Well Organized”

Coverage on 106.7 FM

President Wagner’s State of the University Address
Wheel, Nov. 2: “Wagner Pressured at University Address”
Jonathan Demar: #EmoryCuts Response to State of the University Address (audio on YouTube)

Visual arts
Lilly Lampe and Amanda Parmer, Art & Education: “Emory U. Eradicates its Visual Arts Department, Portending an Ominous Trend in University Education”
ArtsATL on the Visual Arts department cut
Burnaway: “Emory Dumps the Visual Arts?”

Institute of the Liberal Arts
Emory Wheel, Oct. 23: “Institute rejects program suspension”

The Daily Tar Heel (U of North Carolina): Emory cuts journalism program.
The Cavalier Daily (University of Virginia): “Running with scissors”, reprinted at The Huffington Post
Knight Centre for Journalism in the Americas: University to close journalism program amidst calls to improve journalism education in the U.S.. This column spurred our friends across the pond, at The Guardian, to take note.
Associated Press: Emory plans to close journalism program in 2 years, Sept. 14


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    Claire, this is fantastic. Thank you.

  2. […] gaffe has already received widespread coverage and critique. Salon executive editor David Daley quipped that Wagner has “held some awfully important […]

  3. […] provided thoroughgoing analysis of the problematic assumptions in Wagner’s essay. A number of other responses are worth a read as well. In particular, I recommend Aaron Bady’s post at The New Inquiry and […]

  4. […] Thanks to Claire Laville (@clearthecity) for creating and maintaining the Stop the Cuts blog. She has been chronicling the ongoing activism at Emory in wake of the cuts since the beginning, in September 2012. Check out the blog ( to learn more about efforts by students, faculty, and staff to hold the Emory administration accountable for its actions, as well as for a comprehensive aggregation of media coverage (here: […]

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