CFP “After Emory”

Bill Gaskins and Kirstin Buick, of Cornell and the University of New Mexico respectively, are soliciting abstracts for a panel at next year’s College Art Association conference.

After Emory: Redefining Art and Art History in the American University

Bill Gaskins, Cornell University; and Kirsten Buick, University of New Mexico. Email: and
In the fall of 2012 the visual arts department at Emory University was terminated as an academic unit. The department was assessed as no longer representative of Emory’s core mission. For the art departments left standing, and the institutions that house them, this is a moment for a robust public discussion about the future of art and art history in the American university. This session will not readjudicate the decision made by Emory but rather focus on the external challenges, internal dynamics, and critical questions about the prudence, relevance, and sustainability of fine art as an academic project in the twenty-first century. We are calling for solution-themed papers from studio and art history faculty, administrators, alumni, and contributors from related disciplines.

Here’s the original call (it’s on page 8). (Just what does “Emory” signify to the largest organization of art scholars in the U.S.? Well, a cursory search of journals and conferences brings up “After Humanism,” “After the World,” “After Sex,” “After the Postsecular,” “After Life”–you get the idea.)

Speaking of Visual Arts, don’t forget to check out “Cross Reference,” the final exhibition in our beautiful Visual Arts Building, before it closes on April 5.

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