Faculty grievance stands

What’s harder than gathering a critical mass of professors on a Friday afternoon, the last day of the semester? Evidently, shutting down a well substantiated grievance on behalf of numerous cut departments.

As we reported a few weeks ago, a group of faculty members filed a grievance regarding the cuts to the College Grievance Committee, who shot the issue down. The professors appealed the Grievance Committee’s decision. According to university bylaws, grievances and appeals have to be dealt with within one semester. So Stefan Lutz, noted chemist, Governance Committee chair and former CFAC member, called the meeting for the latest possible date (i.e., today). Clearly, enough faculty cared enough about the issue that a quorum was reached. And we hear that they successfully made a motion to have the grievance committee’s decision reversed, then tabled the motion so as to consider it more fully in the fall.

In short: this is not over. The Governance Committee will have to reckon with the (il)legitimacy of the cuts come September.

Edited 5/10 for accuracy.

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