Grab a No Confidence shirt tomorrow

The SRC will be giving away these striking t-shirts tomorrow (April 10) on Asbury Circle from noon to 12:30. Donations are appreciated to cover printing costs.

T-shirt with inverted Emory crest: "Wagner, resign. No confidence"

Since Essence of Emory is over, we can’t imagine this will make the university antsy at all. In fact, Wagner has already approved. Giving the shirt a test run, Andy Ratto ran into President Wagner outside the Administration building: “He gave me a wave and smile,” Andy said, “so I paused for a moment so we could do a stop and chat. When he got up to me and saw the shirt, he said something like, ‘Oh, I didn’t know about those.’ I said, ‘Yeah, too bad I don’t have my camera or we could get a picture together,’ I think he said something about wondering if it is a Laney thing, and then asked where I got the shirt from. I said I got it from a friend, and we parted ways.”

Tomorrow will be the halfway point in the week-long anonymous faculty vote, and we don’t want it to be pushed off the radar or watered down to an airing of concerns about the “vibrancy” of the university.

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