Essence of Emory = censoring student expression

In the wake of yesterday’s Re-Visioning Symposium, which was a tremendous success (photos and reflections to come), one of our organizers received the following polite but loaded e-mail:

I hope your event went well last night and we need a favor. Can you please pull your signage and yellow ribbons from trees, poles, etc, on campus today?

We have many future college students touring campus this week and we want their “vision” of Emory to be as clean and neat as possible.

Thank you,

Jimmy Powell
Director Exterior Services
Campus Services

In fact, campus workers began tearing down our signs (none of which were as imposing as a 60-foot tall Dooley) and erasing our sidewalk chalk on Sunday night and Monday morning, before the symposium began. This was an academic conference sponsored by three Emory departments. Can’t let potential freshmen be exposed to any of that!

Powell and Exterior Services have also run into conflict with Students and Workers in Solidarity over student activists’ banners.

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