Faculty “confidence” vote confirmed

At a “special” faculty meeting this evening, professors agreed to hold an electronic vote asking the faculty whether they had confidence in James Wagner as the president of Emory. The meeting was prolonged by filibustering efforts and some barely veiled hostility between humanities and sciences faculty members, with social scientists evidently caught in the middle. Apparently, some professors believe taking a principled, protected stand amounts to a “temper tantrum.” The vote is slated to take place…ASAP.

The Student Government Association, on the other hand, opted not to include the referendum question “Do you have confidence in the direction of the University on tomorrow’s election ballot. It was another dragged-out affair: 4 non-voting SRC members came to support Andy Ratto’s bill, which was largely supported by graduate student leaders, but overwhelmingly dismissed by undergraduate representatives and by SGA President Ashish Gandhi.

What’s the significance of all this (well, the faculty referendum, anyway)? SRC member David Mullins reflects on the tense meeting with President Wagner last December. He recalls Wagner saying, “If you wanted a democratic university, you’d need another president and a vote of no confidence.”

So, let’s answer Wagner’s rhetorical question. Do we want a democratic university?

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One thought on “Faculty “confidence” vote confirmed

  1. Camille Cottrell says:

    Several of the faculty of Oxford College of Emory University would like to participate in the vote of no confidence concerning President Wagner’s tenure. Unfortunately, our representatives to the Faculty Senate tell us that we are not allowed to vote> Can someone expalain this.
    Most sincerely,
    Camille Cottrell
    Associate Professor of Art History and Visual Arts
    Oxford College of Emory University

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