SGA to vote on Wagner

SRC member Andy Ratto has added the following motion to the agenda for the Student Government Association meeting. In short, the motion would allow all Emory students to cast a vote about Pres. Wagner during the campus-wide elections next week. There’s a lot of momentum for an action like this in the wake of no-confidence motions at NYU, Saint Louis U, the North Dakota state university system, Coppin State U., the University of Southern Maine, etc., etc.

Bill 46sl: “Calling for a Student Vote About Emory President James Wagner”
Whereas there has been an ongoing discussion on campus about the performance of President James Wagner, and;
Whereas the college faculty have already voted to censure President Wagner through their established procedures but the opinion about him from the student body is currently unknown, and;
Whereas the voice of the student body should be heard and considered in matters of the governance of Emory University, and;
Whereas a vote about a University President is an established method for evaluating performance, and such a vote has occurred at other schools by both university faculty, and from students as well, and;
Whereas the SGA supporting this bill would not mean a judgment in any way about President Wagner’s job as President, but rather a commitment to including the student voice in the operation of Emory University, and;
Whereas the Student Government Association can offer up a referendum to a vote by the student body.
Therefore, let it be enacted by the 46th Legislature of the Student Government of Association of Emory University that a question regarding whether or not students still have confidence in James Wagner as President of Emory University be put forward for the entire Student Body to vote on during the Spring 2013 elections, on Thursday, March 28, 2013, unless moved by the Board of Elections, as a referendum.

The meeting is tomorrow (Monday, March 18) at 7pm, in the Faculty Dining room in the DUC (across from the post office). All supporters are encouraged to attend, as the measure requires a two-thirds vote even to be debated, and a further 51% majority to pass.

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