No oversight: Fact sheet on race at Emory

Whether you’re new to the controversies at Emory or just want a refresher, the SRC has prepared a fact sheet on racial representation at the university, the devastating effects the cuts are having on faculty and grad students of color, and the university’s increasing insularity within Atlanta and the U.S. South.
Fact Sheet on Race and the Emory Cuts

Edited 2/22: PDF revised for clarity

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2 thoughts on “No oversight: Fact sheet on race at Emory

  1. […] Nor is it how we should think about University governance today, but that seems to be exactly the way Wagner still thinks about it now. Even after all the apologies he’s made, he’s yet to acknowledge that there is anything wrong with the administration going into a building and fundamentally disenfranchising the faculty of the liberal arts, including, ironically, a disproportionate number of people of color. […]

  2. […] * Race and the cuts at Emory. […]

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