Vital upcoming events

Emory students are setting the agenda once more, with characteristic passion and creativity. These two events next week promise to be far more inspiring than anything that comes out of the PR machine.

1. ILA colloquium: “Re-Visioning What is and What Can Be: Activism, Art, and the Creative Edge of Change”: Tuesday, Feb. 26th from 11:45-1:00 pm in Callaway S423, the ILA conference room.


2. Rally Against Racism, organized by members of the Black Students Alliance, Black Star magazine, and Change@Emory and the NAACP, next Wednesday (the 27th) at 6 on Asbury Circle.

The organizers write: “This is NOT a FORUM, but a CALL TO ACTION.This will be an opportunity for students to come together to unite against the systemic racism on Emory’s campus. Issues covered at the event include (but are not limited to): President Wagner’s “Compromise” Article and Failure to Understand Wrongs Even in Apology; The Dooley Show; The Racialization of Labor Issues and The Labor Movement; Lack of campus spaces for Black students and race issues; Disparities in Student Conduct Outcomes; Treatment of Minority Students on Frat Row; Administrative Processes; Removal of the BSA house; The suspension of Alpha Phi Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta. Explorations of solutions include: Auditing/Reforming Student Conduct Process; Emory University taking a clear and committed stance on racism (using the work on Sexual Assault and Sustainability as a model); the creation of a Black Student Union for formal space as well as resources on campus for black students; Campus Life hiring a team of experts to be proactive in working with racial issues as well as responding to racial problems; the development of a Bias Reporting System; instituting new GERs; transparency.”

Edited 2/21 to correct the organizers of the Rally Against Racism.

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2 thoughts on “Vital upcoming events

  1. ANC4A Concerned Citizens says:

    Citizens Demands Toliver’s Resignation

    Washington, D.C. February 20, 2013——In January 2012, a Georgia teacher resigned following an investigation about a math assignment given to third-grade students with word problems about slavery. One of the problems read: “Each tree has 56 oranges. If eight slaves pick them equally, then how much would each slave pick?” Another read: “If Frederick got two beatings each day, how many beatings did he get in one week?” She resigned.

    On February 17, 2013, the President of Emory University in Georgia used the notorious “3/5ths compromise” in the US Constitution. That compromise is articulated in Article 1, Section 2, Paragraph 3 of the Constitution, in which taxes and representation are apportioned to the states according to their population, defined as “the whole Number of free Persons . . . and, excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.” Students and members of the faculty are calling for the President’s resignation.

    In today’s world, citizens are subject to so many rapid changes; unemployment, the loss of their homes, and the economy—now we have to deal with elected officials like Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Dwayne Toliver. Tolliver who lives a few blocks outside of the “gold coast” neighborhood in Ward 4 at a meeting in February 2013 referred to Brightwood citizens as “slavery mentality” thinkers. Toliver stated to Brightwood seniors–who are mostly African-American’s that their thinking is “slavery mentality” because they expressed their concerns and complaints against the Little Green Nest nursery which is located in Brightwood. ANC4A—lead by Toliver, voted to support the Little Green Nest’s daycare nursery business license and variance permit application and entered into an agreement with TLGN to justify their support. Toliver’s position at the Brightwood meeting was that the ANC4A supports businesses over the objections of citizens who are “slavery mentality” thinkers. And because according to Toliver the Brightwood citizens are not supportive of the Little Green Nest and are complaining “enemies of neighborhood businesses”, and thus will be ignored.

    As the teacher and President of Emery University—Toliver has stepped across the “racial line” and characterization of citizens as “slavery” mentality thinkers, the reference is “heinous, repulsive, repugnant and inhuman and deeply offensive. Toliver’s analogy of African-American seniors is a disgrace and he must resign.

    NAACP should take action in the nation’s capital.

  2. […] the original statement. The Black Students Alliance and the NAACP chapter at the university are planning a rally Wednesday. They also will draw attention to other issues of concern, such as a student-run television show […]

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