James Wagner’s “highest aspiration”

James Wagner’s “highest aspiration”

If James Wagner didn’t know it already, now he knows for sure: academics are smart people and don’t take fatuous bullshit and tin-ear privilege well – provided their ire’s up. And man people are pissed at him. A ton of writing is coming out on Wagner’s potentially career-ending debacle, and pieces like this and tressiemc’s work (see below) is laying out exactly why he has to go. Here’s Aaron Brady at New Inquiry taking a wrecking ball to Wagner echo chamber.

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One thought on “James Wagner’s “highest aspiration”

  1. emilyasp says:

    i wanted to comment about wagner’s “apology.” nonpology. what is this, for example: “That’s one way to forget history: ignore it.” is he seriously implying that his critics are trying to forget history? that he is the one who is trying to face up to it? that’s his volta. nice. something like this: “i’m sorry i offended you, but i was just trying to pay attention to history. don’t YOU think we need to pay attention to history?”

    and then this choice chestnut: “Unless we recognize that [that compromise is necessary–btw, duh] with humility and mutual charity, we will always remain polarized.” so his critics are neither humble nor charitable and are responsible for polarity. and in what sense are the cuts a compromise? in what ways has he been humble or charitable toward those on opposite sides of this debate (that was never a debate)?

    nope, sorry. the correct response was “here’s my letter of resignation.”

    this is why maybe don’t cut the humanities. the world needs people who can fiddle with electrical wires, and it also needs people who know how to write something that isn’t idiotic and offensive. it arguably needs more of the latter.

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