Acrimony and lockdown

Emory’s official news organ and some of the news media are calling last night’s meeting a failure, or accusing students of avoiding “real dialogue.” Here’s what I saw: 7 students and 3 professors entered the dean’s building to negotiate in good faith, after a week of exhaustive planning. The SRC delegates were Pat Blanchfield, Katherine Bryant, Luke Donahue, Navyug Gill, David Mullins, Mael Vizcarra, and Andrew Zonderman. They were accompanied by Professors Jason Francisco (Visual Arts), Anna Grimshaw (ILA), and Noelle McAfee (Philosophy). As many have pointed out, the university forbade any recording, so no one will have an “authoritative” account of the conversation or even its agenda.

Outside, we put up signs, played Motown and Beatles songs, shared coffee, danced, and waved to passersby.

Inside, the delegates were greeted by police at every corner and by an administration that accused us of intimidating opponents into silence.

The students and professors emerged from an hour of hard, fruitless negotiation to speak to the press articulately and hopefully. The president and dean would not even come out and address the public.

Photo by Evan Mah for the Wheel

Photo by Evan Mah for the Wheel

I have a good idea of who should feel humiliated, and it’s not the people who “lost” in the ersatz negotiations.

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