A Letter to Emory from the AAUP’s National Body

Things might look grim tonight – especially since the administration has refused all further negotiations and reneged on its promise of an open town hall. But not only are the SRC and its constituents undaunted, there’s heartening news from the AAUP National’s Chapter. The whole document is extremely worth reading – but the last paragraph is the kicker. As Author Jennifer Nichols, the AAUP Associate Secretary writes:

“We share the Emory AAUP chapter’s concerns that adequate standards of academic governance have not been met in the administration’s actions to close programs. Further, we are troubled that long-serving faculty members appear not to have been afforded the due process protections that, under our standards, should be accorded those who have exceeded the maximum probationary period. We support the chapter’s call for a substantive faculty review of the process and resulting decisions and for the suspension of any implementation of the closures pending such a review.”

With the savvy folks at the AAUP crying foul on the cuts and adding their voices to the growing chorus of voices on campus demanding an investigation into the administration’s actions, can the administration really keep insisting on business is usual? One thing is for sure – Wagner, Forman, and Hauk can’t continue to credibly claim that those who object to the cuts are either simply underinformed or misguided.


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