Let the negotiations begin

Flashback to yesterday. Once we successfully occupied the building, a song was in order. The first was “Amazing Grace,” which may have been a little off message, but soon we were in tune:

Detailed inside narratives of the protest have emerged, which is great, because I’ve never developed a skill for linear narration (Melville references, on the other hand…). In addition, you can find beautiful photos by visual arts professor Jason Francisco, brand-new ILA PhD graduate and musician Laura Emiko Soltis, co-organizer Pat Blanchfield and more.

We voted to leave the building at around 7:00 p.m., with the promise that a small group of SRC delegates would have a meeting with both Wagner and Dean Forman, during which the SRC would control the agenda. That meeting will take place this Friday, Dec. 7, at 5:00. The delegates are expecting a strong showing of support (and not a little intimidation) outside the Candler Library beginning at 4:45 p.m. Join the Facebook event here. What is crucial is that this not be just another meeting. We are not looking for appeasement, nor even, primarily, “answers.”

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