Protest Florida’s attack on education

Not tired of signing petitions yet? Readers of this site should consider signing this one, protesting Governor Rick Scott’s classist and anti-intellectual proposal for “reforming” public higher education in Florida:

Liberal arts and social science topics (English, History, Political Science, Psychology, etc.) would cost students more, on the assumption that no one with such a degree has high skills, would ever be in high demand, and would ever earn a high wage, however “high” is defined. As Proctor himself put it on October 29, “English is not a strategic discipline.” As tuition for such non-strategic disciplines increases, these programs would be slowly phased out, or at least severely diminished, as more students seek “strategic degrees.”

Emory is not part of the Florida university system, but we are part of the same culture. The values we project will reverberate across schools of all formats.

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