Fighting racism, sexism in tenure decisions

In the midst of what looks, from the restricted vantage point of students and faculty, like a disproportionate attack on Emory’s African-American students and faculty, women faculty, and other minorities, not to mention the institutions of critical race and cultural studies (long enough a subordinate clause for you?), we find a new analysis of slanted tenure decisions at the University of Southern California revealing and disturbing. While statistics don’t prove intentional discrimination, they point to invisible barriers. Insightfully, one commenter pointed out that the service positions junior faculty are asked to perform are not valued equally: sitting on a diversity committee, say, isn’t taken as seriously as a finance board, even if both take the same chunk out of one’s research time. Food for thought, and yet another call for accountability in the way Deans Paul and Forman selected the individuals who would determine the future course of the College.

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