Local artists and activists, II

Edit 12/6: Due to inaccurate allegations about the #EmoryCuts movement being run by outside activists, I have removed the link and crossed out a portion of this post. While we may draw attention to other education-related activist efforts, the Student Re-Visioning Committee has no affiliations with any non-Emory movements.

Tomorrow, a coalition of students and education, labor and housing activists will be holding Atlanta Against Austerity, a rally in Freedom Park, tomorrow (Tuesday the 14th) at 6 p.m. We’re posting this for the general interest of our readers, and hold no responsibility for the participants’ actions.

Some of the GSU students organizing the event have supported our fight to preserve the liberal arts and formal equality at Emory. We cast a sympathetic, anxious eye to our colleagues: Last week, GSU laid off 25 administrative and support workers and eliminated 85 unfilled positions due to its own budget shortfall.

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