Flyer bombardment

The campus has been awash in posters and morbid props lately.

The white flyers show the Emory logo cut with scissors and dripping blood, and the word “Arts” in Arts and Sciences has been slashed out of the poster.

The rainbow thunderbolt poster announces a protest of Chick-Fil-A, a fast food chain with a history of sponsoring anti-gay organizations, and which operates a franchise on campus.


The Modern Languages Building brings the pain:

Finally, a call to artists and graphic designers: The Student Re-visioning Committee is looking for a new iconic image. The first “Reject the Cuts” flyer was intended to bring disparate departments together, but the focus of activism has shifted. Furthermore, the original woodcut carries with it the legacy of colonial America and was mobilized on both sides of the Civil War; one student describes it as a little Tea Partyish.

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