Administration on lockdown

A chilling reflection from third-year College student Conrad Honicker at the Wheel:

One of my friends had a previously-scheduled appointment that day with Michael Elliott, the senior associate dean of faculty, and mentioned having trouble entering the Administrative building. That is, the elevator wouldn’t take him to the top floor. It wasn’t until the administrative assistant, Lynette Lee, spotted him having trouble and mentioned the building was on “lock down” that he was let in through a gated and locked stairway next to the elevator. Elliott then explained upon my friend bringing it up that the administration wasn’t sure what the students would do and was “worried.”

Students have held three rallies which were nothing but civil. Yesterday, we streamed into the back of a homecoming forum featuring Dean Tedesco and James T. Laney silently, causing no disruptions. Dean Tedesco herself told us we were welcome.

We don’t know if the “lockdown” was an isolated incident or an exaggeration, but it definitely doesn’t bode well for the image of engagement and respect for dissent the university is trying to project.

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