Wagner voices approval for cuts

From the university governance roundup, Emory Report:

Wagner also stated his strong support for recent changes announced by Emory College and Laney Graduate School, adding that the University “has an imperative to move ahead in a period when we know we will have fixed or very, very little revenue growth” with a process of reallocation in areas of need, strength and future potential.

“Defining those areas is the respective deans’ responsibility and prerogative. We need only essentially to trust — and I do trust — the processes that Dean (Robin) Forman and Dean (Lisa) Tedesco put in place. We’re not going to second-guess the academic priorities identified through that process.”

Note that Pres. Wagner went straight to “revenue growth,” without pausing at excellence or interdisciplinarity. At least that’s how it looks from this roundup. The cards are on the table: our academic priority is to attract big grant money (Big Pharma, Big China, and so forth).

Also maybe-notable: a “Stage II Task Force” regarding dissent and protest on campus.

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