Braswell: Cuts betray students

In today’s Wheel, Harold Braswell, PhD candidate in the ILA, gets to the heart of the matter once again:

“Traditional” disciplines teach students critical skills to question, reformulate, and, if necessary, reject “tradition,” but they do not advocate an adherence to tradition for tradition’s sake. These very fields thus undermine Dean Forman’s stated reasons for preserving them.

In methodological and demographic terms, Dean Forman’s decision excises the margins from the Emory community. But the margins represent the true heart of the university tradition. The university tradition is grounded in its critical distance from both “tradition” and popular demand.

Additionally, first-year student Brett Lichtenberg shares the way he’s learned to “make the best out of the cuts.” support he’s gotten from his advisers in the journalism program. In a show of dedication, professors David Armstrong and Hank Klibanoff have tried to permit first-year journalism students to complete a minor or co-major in the program by spring 2014. Said permission isn’t official, though: Klibanoff later explained that he had merely won “the right for you to make a case” for completing the program.

Lichtenberg also remarked (in a somewhat different context) that noted Holocaust and Jewish historian Deborah Lipstadt has described Emory as “overall pretty apolitical.” The bulk of the issue and the culture around here say otherwise.

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